The story of Tom Brady's rise to greatness is one that is well-documented. Countless features and 'The Brady 6' have recorded Brady's ascension from third-string quarterback to one of the greatest of all time. It was commonly thought that Brady was not far behind Drew Bledsoe for the starting job in New England before Bledsoe's injury opened the door for Brady in 2001. But according to former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis in a story from MMQB's Greg Bedard, Brady was not even a shoo-in for the second-string job over Damon Huard. "Oh no, no, no, no," Weis said of the story. "[Brady] wasn't better than Bledsoe. In fact he wasn't much better than [Huard]. Bledsoe was clearly the starter. The No. 2 spot, that's where the competition was. We really could have flipped a coin to pick the second guy. We ended up picking Tommy—but it was really close." Huard, on the other hand, disagrees with Weis' recollection. The former Patriots and Dolphins backup quarterback told's Christopher Price that Brady had the second-string job in hand.