Former Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, spending his first spring with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, claimed in an interview on Sunday night that he was booed in his final home games as a Ranger because “it’s not a true baseball town.” Hamilton spoke with CBS-Channel 11′s Gina Miller from Tempe on Sunday about his decision to sign with the Angels and his final moments in Texas. He said he wished the team had more focus in the final stretch of the season and said that about two weeks before the Angels called him he made his peace that he would not return to Texas. But, when asked about fans booing him while he struck out twice and saw only eight pitches while going 0-for-4 in the Rangers’ wild card game loss to Baltimore, he said that Dallas-Fort Worth has always been a “football town first.” “There are true baseball fans in Texas, but it’s not a true baseball town,” he said. Asked about how he will be received when the Angels are in Texas for the home opener on April 5, Hamilton said it would be “mixed.” “The people who get it will cheer,” he said. “The people who don’t will boo.”