Receiver Josh Gordon admitted today that he's growing weary of rumors that he'll be traded before next Tuesday's 4 p.m. deadline. "I'm tired of it'' said Gordon. "I honestly wish if it was going to happen I wish it would happen already instead of dragging on. If a trade offer came in and that’s what the Browns want to do so be it. If not then let it be known this is where I’m going to be. Honestly it’s part of the game. I’m dealing with it.” Gordon said he knows a trade is possible. "It would be pretty naive of me to not think it's possible in this business of the NFL'' he said. "So it could happen any minute any day. So if it does it does. If it doesn't you know I'm glad to be here.'' He said he knows a deal can still take place even though coach Rob Chudzinski assured him it won't happen. "Ultimately it’s up to Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam and the guys up top but I do feel comforted in my head coach wants me to be here but the reality of it is anybody can make a deal and they’re saying they’re opening to listening to people so anything can happen.” He said he needs to continue playing well -- including Sunday against the 7-0 Chiefs -- in spite of the rumors swirling around him. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Monday that at least three teams have contacted the Browns about Gordon and that they have standing offers from two teams that include a high pick and a player.