This Thanksgiving week found Josh Gordon being grateful that Hue Jackson reversed field after slamming the door shut on him last year when he left the team and checked himself back into rehab. "That just shows the humanity of it,'' said Gordon, who began practicing with the team on Wednesday. "People can make a turn. People can make a change at any given moment just depending on the situation and the variables in place.'' Gordon was happy to learn that Jackson educated himself on addiction and came to accept that it's a disease, one over which Gordon has had not control. "For him, it was just being enlightened on the situation,'' said Gordon. "I think that can happen for many people, many fans, and many whoever that may have thought they were done with me or wanted to be done with me are giving me another opportunity. They kind of just wanted to see it through and I'm glad that he was patient enough to do so, so I appreciate him for doing that.'' Gordon, who's been suspended for 43 straight Browns' games and 53 of the last 58, has found most folks to be supportive of his journey and comeback.