Josh Donaldson says that his intent was not to single out Yankees ace Gerrit Cole as a lead figure in any way as part of his recent comments regarding increased enforcement of pitchers' use of sticky substances to improve their spin rates.

But it just so happened that Cole was the Yankees' starter against Donaldson and the Twins on Wednesday night at Target Field, days after Donaldson first addressed reporters in Kansas City during an extended session about his desire to see MLB crack down on pitchers' use of such foreign substances, going so far as to mention Cole by name.

"I was not bringing Gerrit Cole's name to the forefront because I'm putting him as the leader in all of this," Donaldson said. "I saw that, and now there's been [other] guys [I’ve noticed]. [Trevor] Bauer's had to answer questions about it, too. You look at the spin rate drops with him and other guys, and I think you're going to see what's happened."

Cole had a noncommittal answer when asked by New York media on Tuesday whether he had used Spider Tack, a particularly sticky substance that has come under scrutiny in baseball, to aid his pitching.