Josh Allen is one of the most promising quarterbacks in the NFL. The young Buffalo Bills QB did not have some grand story entering the NFL. He would have to go through a junior college and then through the University of Wyoming to get to the league. However, ever since his breakout season in 2020, he absolutely dominated, even leading the Bills to a deep playoff run in 2021. Allen is not alone on his journey, as he has shared all of his moments, positive and negative, for the past four years with his girlfriend Brittany Williams. Williams is a pilates instructor that also grew up in Firebaugh, a small town in Fresno County, California. She is immensely important for Allen’s success in the last few NFL seasons. Without further ado, here is Josh Allen’s girlfriend Brittany Williams.

The pair is confirmed to be together since 2017, but they have actually known each other for far longer. As specified above, the pair has been acquainted since they were eight years old. Brittany grew up in Firebaugh as well, only a couple of miles away from her future boyfriend. As the pair grew up together, there was clearly some chemistry, but nothing has really materialized for some time. Williams suggested in a few Instagram posts that Allen was flirting from the start, but their relationship only started in 2017.

Ironically enough, even though they were in the same place for their whole life, their relationship only started when Allen was not recruited by any nearby college. His only offer came when the University of Wyoming called, and he had to take it. That is when their romance blossomed, as Williams remained in Fresno State as a cheerleader. As his couple of years at Wyoming passed, the pair was more and more open about their relationship. It was officially confirmed when the duo attended the 2018 NFL Draft together. There, Allen was drafted by the Bills, which Brittany celebrated on Instagram.

Their life since then has been very well documented on all social media accounts. Brittany loves to share pictures of the pair around the country, while she cheers her partner on both from the stands and on Twitter. Once, however, there were some issues caused by her activity on the internet.