General manager Brandon Beane reiterated his no-pressure position regarding a new contract for Josh Allen. Beane refused to characterize how talks have gone on an extension.

“You know I don't really get into that,” Beane said. “Josh is in a great headspace, and he's ready to roll. And if for some reason we're able to get something done, I'll definitely make sure you guys know. We’re also fine if it doesn't get done this year, and I said that all along. ... If something happens, that’s great. If it doesn't, we'll focus on the season, and we'll pick it up next year.”

It's true that there isn’t a gun to Beane’s head to close a deal. The Bills have Allen under contract in 2022, by virtue of exercising the fifth-year option on his deal. Still, you have to believe the Bills would rather get a deal sooner than later, both as a reward to the QB and because the price likely only will go up. And striking a big deal now gives Allen protection from a catastrophic injury.

To his credit, the QB swatted aside all questions of a new deal, sticking with his team-first approach.

“It’s honestly the least of my worries whether it gets done or not,” Allen said. “We’re here to win a Super Bowl. I can’t focus on those things and feel like I can come out here and feel like I can be the best possible teammate, quarterback I can be. My focus is completely on the field.”