Jose Fernandez is normally light on his feet. The rookie hurler hops across the foul line after he completes an inning and bounds out of the dugout when he is set to start another. But there was no bounce in his step after Thursday’s fourth inning. After coughing up four runs on four hits and a walk — by far the worst inning of his brief major-league career — Fernandez trudged across the foul line as if lead weights were attached to his ankles. It was that kind of night for the 20-year-old, who was knocked around by the Cincinnati Reds in their 11-1 romp over the ragged Marlins at Great American Ball Park. The loss was the worst of the season for the Marlins. “It happens,” Fernandez said. “It happens to the best.” Fernandez looked nothing like the highly touted hotshot who made his first two big-league outings look effortless. Such was not the case Thursday in his third start, when the Reds roughed him up rather badly. Fernandez gave up five runs on six hits and three walks. “The big leagues are tough,” manager Mike Redmond said. “You’ve got scouts. You’ve got videos. Believe me, it’s not like he’s a secret anymore. The word is out on him. There are scouts watching, trying to figure out his patterns, trying to figure out what he throws at certain counts. Like any good pitcher, you’ve got to always be adjusting.” So the kid is human.