Thanks, but no thanks. That would be Jose Abreu’s reply if he’s invited to participate in the 2014 Home Run Derby the night before the All-Star Game in Minneapolis. ‘‘Home Run Derby is not something I’m too crazy about,’’ Abreu told the Sun-Times on Tuesday through a translator. ‘‘It’s a good thing, but I’m not really interested or looking forward to. I really wouldn’t want to do it. I did it in Cuba several times, and I wasn’t much into it.’’ Abreu, 27, has been one of baseball’s most prolific home run hitters in his first season in the major leagues. He went into Tuesday’s game against the Orioles with 22 home runs, third in the majors behind Edwin Encarnacion (24) and the Orioles’ Nelson Cruz (23). Troy Tulowitzki and Jose Bautista, who were named captains of the Home Run Derby teams Monday, will pick three additional players from their respective leagues. Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, who did not make the American League All-Star team in 2013, won last year’s event at Citi Field in New York. Abreu is aware his fellow countryman was the winner, but that hasn’t stoked his interest.