On a team four games under .500 and missing its star — and really only — point guard, Jordan Crawford is changing the Celtics’ mindset, and turning heads in the process. Crawford’s scouting report includes the nickname “Steeze,” an epithet generally ascribed to Crawford himself. The slang term is common among snowboarding circles, but seemingly fits well in NBA locker rooms as well. The word combines the words “style” and “ease” and almost perfectly describes what Crawford is trying to do. Asked where it came from, Crawford let a smirk shine through after posting his third career triple-double with 11 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists in the Celtics’ 103-86 win over Cleveland on Friday. “I don’t call myself that, they started saying it in the media,” he said. When asked to elaborate on its meaning, his expressing grew into a sly grin too large to contain. “You know, it’s Steeze — instead of using ‘swag’ kind of lingo, it’s steeze.” So, a less arrogant version of “swag” (short for swagger). That makes things easy. Yeah, that sounds like Crawford this season. Think for a second about Crawford’s time in Boston last year, and a frantic player who takes too many shots — directed both toward the basket and the opposition — comes to mind. Now, thrust into the full-time starter’s role for the first time in his career, Crawford is suddenly making things look easy. Friday, Crawford’s crossovers raised “oohs” and “ahs” like kids watching a pickup game in Rucker Park, but also led to a triple-double. Last season, it usually led to boos and the bench. On the season, Crawford is averaging a career-best 5.2 assists per game. When asked what that type of performance does for his personal confidence level, Crawford answered in a fashion beyond his years.