Jordan Crawford has changed his story. When asked by the Herald about his role in Wednesday’s night’s postgame jabber match with the Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony and Raymond Felton, the Celtics guard said, “Not me. You’d better go talk to someone who was there.” Based on Crawford’s Twitter account (@jcraw55) yesterday afternoon and a video clip of the incident, he was indeed at the scene, with a very active mouth. Here’s his tweet on the subject: “I would never talk trash about that mans (sic) Wife. I don’t (know) him........ All I did was respond!!” The reference is to Anthony’s famous wife, LaLa, who many believe was the subject of Kevin Garnett’s baiting of Anthony earlier this season at Madison Square Garden. Crawford’s reference to Anthony’s wife is in reaction to the interpretation of many who have watched the video, and have attempted to read Crawford’s lips. LaLa weighed in yesterday with an Instagram picture that said, “Strong women only intimidate weak men,” and carried the caption, “Try again. You on the bench for a reason.” Most Celtics had Crawford’s initial response — amnesia. “I don’t know,” Terrence Williams said of what was said. “If you watch the replays, I was just the guy trying to separate the teams. I was talking to (assistant coach Tyronn Lue), and then I turned around and I don’t know. I don’t know how that started. Good thing that punches weren’t thrown.”