Already tired and famished from the four mostly sleepless nights he had to stay sheltered from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey in suburban Houston, Jonathon Simmons found himself treading through knee-high, muddy waters with a child in his arms on Tuesday. Rather than being upset about how his hometown of Houston had been ravaged by the unthinkable surge of rising storm waters, Simmons instead felt truly blessed that there were those on hand to help him and his family escape to safety. Though his hometown was mostly underwater and much of the previous 72 hours were scary times, Simmons never felt prouder of hailing from Houston than he did on Tuesday. ``It’s devastating,’’ said Simmons, a forward for the Orlando Magic. ``Luckily, none of my family was seriously affected, but I see a lot of my friends suffering and that’s difficult. But I’m also proud of how the city of Houston has come together to help one another. On the upside and the brighter side, there’s that seeing how people have been there to help one another.’’ Simmons, who left the San Antonio Spurs this offseason to sign a free-agent contract with the Orlando Magic, was one of those who benefitted greatly from the generosity and care provided by others in Houston. His escape to safety on Tuesday – even though he was crowded onto a boat with two-dozen others, had to trek through knee-deep waters and forced to ride on the back of a truck – was assisted by rescue workers in Houston.