Jonathan Lucroy is in the midst of the best season of his young career healthy and putting up offensive numbers that rank him among the best catchers in the major leagues. Yet because of everything else that's gone wrong for the Milwaukee Brewers be it the multitude of serious injuries robbing the team of its core hitters inconsistency or the highly publicized suspension of Ryan Braun the 27-year-old is unable to derive much personal satisfaction. "My success is secondary to the team's success" he said flatly this weekend in Seattle where the Brewers took two of three from the Mariners. "Obviously we've had some problems this year with injuries not living up to expectations. I don't like to make excuses but we have had a lot of injuries and it's been tough because key guys have either been hurt or suspended. Those all have an effect obviously. "I think in the big picture it's a good thing that we're having this kind of season though because we have so many young guys on this team and I think it will help them to understand what we need to do to get better and how bad a season can get." Lucroy hasn't experienced a season like this in his four years with the Brewers; he came up for good in 2010 when they finished at 77-85. If they continue at their current clip the Brewers will finish at 70-92 their worst record since going 67-94 in 2004. He also hasn't experienced a season like this personally thanks to injuries that leave his high-water mark for games played at 136 in 2011. He was on pace for a potential all-star berth last season when a broken right hand suffered in a freak off-field accident knocked him out for two months. This year he has avoided injury and used that good fortune to hit .281 with 16 home runs and 61 runs batted in over 103 games entering the Brewers' two-game interleague set against the Texas Rangers on Tuesday night. "I've had some unfortunate mishaps the past few years and this year it feels pretty good — knock on wood — to be healthy so far" said Lucroy. "Hopefully I stay that way. I'm not a big numbers guy. At the beginning of the year I don't say 'I want to do this do this do that.' I just go out and work hard. I take care of the process and the numbers will be there in the end."