Less than a week after his frightening collision with Jake Marisnick, Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy is opening up a bit about the play.

Lucroy, who suffered a concussion and broken nose when the Houston Astros outfielder ran him over Sunday in a play at the plate, spoke on the collision in an interview with JP Hoornstra of the Orange County Register on Friday:

“I don’t think he was trying to hurt anybody. However, I did give him the whole lane, the whole foul territory to slide. I did tell him that in the text. As a catcher, when a play’s at home, I always try to give the runner some place to slide. That’s what the new rule says, you’re supposed to do that. If you don’t you can get called for interference, then they’ll get the run. We communicated, and it is what it is.”

Lucroy, who is currently on the IL, also offered an update about his recovery.