Jonathan Ericsson fired the puck, and it squeezed through the pads of Kings goalie Jonathan Quick and dribbled slowly toward the net. Would Quick see it quickly enough to stop it before it crossed the goalline? Would the puck suddenly stop, or veer another direction? No. It went into the net, and the Red Wings, with 4.5 seconds left in the game, defeated the defending Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings 3-2 on Sunday. Ericsson's goal was a big relief to the Wings and the Joe Louis Arena crowd because Rochester Hills native Alec Martinez had just tied the game with 53 seconds left. "The funniest part, actually, was one of the linesmen was thanking me after I scored," Ericsson said. "He said, 'Thank you so much because I really have to go pee. I wouldn't have lasted the overtime.' "That was kind of funny." Ericsson never saw the puck slowly wiggle into the net. "I just saw the ref pointing (for the goal); that was good enough," Ericsson said.