On the morning after, he finally 'fessed up. So now what? Confirming what many suspected after his odd, labored performance Tuesday night, closer Jonathan Broxton finally admitted to the Dodgers on Wednesday morning that he was hurting. The Dodgers immediately shut him down and quickly scheduled an MRI for his sore right elbow. The disabled list remains a real possibility, pending the results of the MRI. How long the elbow has been bothering him was unclear, but Broxton's performance has varied wildly this season. He has converted on seven of eight save opportunities, but seldom in dominating fashion. He clearly looked like he was hurting Tuesday night against the Cubs, walking two on eight consecutive balls. Manager Don Mattingly removed him at that point, and both runners scored to break up a 1-1 tie and lead Chicago to a 4-1 victory. After the game, Broxton continued to say he was fine physically. "It's honorable that you want to pitch like this, you're willing to go out there, but in the end, it doesn't do him any good and it's not fair to him and it's really not fair to everybody else," Mattingly said. "It's too tough here to try to pitch like that."