It is a relative embarrassment of riches for the Raptors, two seven footers with disparate but complementary skills, a Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside, a rookie and a veteran, a couple of cornerstones upon whom so much of the future rides. They will likely line up beside each other Wednesday night as the NBA's regular season dawns in Toronto, the first of what team officials hope turns out to be years and years of success, a foundation that's seldom been experienced here. The twin towers — Jonas Valanciunas and Andrea Bargnani — can be as good as they are different and the franchise has waited years for such a combination. And what makes them so special is that they are so unalike. "Andrea is never going to blow and huff and puff like Jonas, he's never going to do that, and Jonas is never going to shoot the three like Andrea," coach Dwane Casey said. "Everyone has a gift and we just have to make sure we utilize … each person's gift to win games." It's hard to imagine two more divergent personalities than Valanciunas, the 20-year-old Lithuanian rookie, and Bargnani, the 27-year-old Italian who is entering his seventh NBA season. All that's holding Valanciunas back from being one of the stronger personalities on the team is time and a need for a better grasp of a foreign language. But he can be funny and he can be engaging and he will surely develop into a fan favourite by the strength of his personality and his game.