Some things are about more than basketball. Some things are deeper and show the humanity of people, humbling us to our most basic core. This is one of those moments as the Phoenix Suns took time out of their day yesterday to welcome in a kid from halfway across the country and, for a day, treated him like one of their own. As young Jonah Zahm walked in the land of giants that is the NBA for a day, he was the one with the most heart and courage. It takes a special kind of courage to battle Von Willebrand'd Disease everyday at his age than it does to take a full speed charge from LeBron James or have the ball in your hands in a tie game down the stretch. In the end those are factors of a game. On the surface he is like any other shy young 12 year old boy out of his element on an NBA practice court. He didn't blend in with the trees all over the court, however humbled them as he shot (and made) jumpers with them, leading huddles, and interacting with them. "He has a nice little jumper," said Interim Head Coach Lindsey Hunter. "I talked about him playing." Jonah had a simple description for all of this, "They are so much taller than me."