Will the real Jon Lester please stand up? After Wednesday’s picnic table manifesto in Fort Myers we can only wonder is this guy Bob Gibson Lite, as my colleague Steve Buckley suggests, or I-Don’t-Give-A-Hoot Gibson? Wednesday, Lester said his 2012 collapse was “solely on me . . . It’s not on anybody but myself.” OK. Stand up guy. Takes responsibility and presses on toward new beginnings. Great. But five days before that 16-minute exercise in public contrition for the TV cameras at JetBlue Park, the same guy told WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford in a more intimate one-on-one setting things that sounded far different. “You look at last year, how many quality starts did I have?” Lester asked. “How many games did I lose when I gave up three runs or less? I can’t control the outcome of the game. “I can only control being healthy every five days and going out there and pitching. That’s what I consider an ace. I don’t care if you’re the No. 5 guy, the Opening Day guy or somewhere in between, if you take the ball every five days, you go out and pitch, bust your ass and you compete, to me, in my mind, that’s an ace. So I don’t know the next level. I don’t know what people want from me for the next level. So I’m not concerned about the next level. “What next level is there? That’s the thing that frustrates me. People don’t consider me an ace or don’t consider me a front-line starter. Well, when there are two other pitchers in all of baseball who (won at least 15 games four straight seasons), what am I? That’s my argument to it. What extra level is there to it? Am I supposed to win 25 games every year? It’s not possible.”