Jon Gruden will likely be one of the highest-paid coaches in football if and when he is hired by the Oakland Raiders, but some of the reports about the offer the team has made him have apparently been exaggerated. NFL reporters Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, who work for ESPN just like Gruden, said last week that the Raiders were prepared to offer Gruden an ownership stake in the team to entice him to return to coaching. Apparently they didn’t need to do that to make Gruden want the job, as he told “Golic and Wingo” on Wednesday that there’s absolutely no truth to that report. “There’s no truth to that at all,” Gruden said. “I heard Stephen Smith screaming at me on TV yesterday on one of his shows. There’s no validity to that at all — none, zero. No ownership, that’s for sure.” Smith said Tuesday that Gruden has not done enough to deserve an ownership stake in an NFL franchise, noting that even Bill Belichick does not have one with the New England Patriots after winning five Super Bowls with the organization.