The final glimpse of the final regular-season prime-time NFL game in the history of the Oakland Coliseum provided one hell of a sight on Thursday night.

The Fox cameras caught Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden — eyes squinted, cheeks protruding, grin as wide as the Bay — triumphantly making his way across the front row of the Black Hole, dishing out bearhugs and daps and thank-yous to a score of uber-grateful silver and black-clad Raider fans.

Just moments earlier, the Raiders had improved to 5-4 — I repeat, 5-4! — after a thrilling 26-24 win over their AFC West rivals (for now?) Los Angeles Chargers. It gave the Raiders one more win than they totaled during their miserable 4-12 campaign in 2018, Gruden’s first year back at the helm in Oakland.

Who would have thought it? Not I. And not you, either.

Come on, admit it. Especially after Gruden’s first 20 months back, which featured more bad decisions than Robb Stark’s short-lived stint as the “King in the North.”