After Jon Gruden held his introductory press conference with the Raiders back in January, one big question that remained unanswered was whether or not Marshawn Lynch would be returning to Oakland in 2018. Although Gruden was asked about Lynch's future, the Raiders' new coach admitted that he had never met Beast Mode and that he wasn't sure what would happen going forward. "I'm anxious to sit down with Marshawn and meet him and we'll talk about his future and the Raiders," Gruden said on Jan. 9. "I can't wait. He came back to the Raiders for similar reasons, I think, that I did: I think he loves Oakland, I think he loves the Raiders, and guys like him interest me, so I'm looking forward to talking to him." It's now been six weeks since Gruden's press conference, and although he has met with Lynch since then, the running back's future is still up in the air. If Lynch wants to play for the Raiders in 2018, it sounds like Gruden is going to want more effort than what he saw from Beast Mode in 2017. During a conversation with a Raiders fan that took place while Gruden was doing an interview for, Gruden didn't exactly disagree when the fan mentioned that Lynch wasn't really in game shape until about Week 10 last season. "We're not going to have that," Gruden said. "No." During a one-on-one conversation with Lynch, Gruden explained to Beast Mode that he would need to take on a bigger role in 2018.