Jon Gruden’s return to coaching after nearly a decade in broadcasting hasn’t been entirely easy, the new Oakland Raiders coach said Wednesday at the NFL scouting combine. The challenge hasn’t been building his coaching staff or the process of creating his offensive playbook. Instead, Gruden's biggest issue has been the fact that nearly two months after he was introduced as the Raiders coach, he hasn’t been able to meet with his players. NFL rules prohibit contact between coaches and players during the offseason, which stretches from early January (for non-playoff teams) until April 9. Gruden has seen some players in the Raiders’ facility in Alameda, Calif., but rules bar them from talking about football. “I always complained about that since the new (collective bargaining agreement) came into place. A lot of players would come to see me in Tampa to get their football fix,” Gruden said, “So you're not allowed to have contact with these guys, and what's most discouraging to me is we've got to make some decisions on our roster, on salaries, on players and their futures and you can't even meet them. I don't know these guys. I've never coached them, I've never met half of them. So that's been very, very difficult for me, and I've been emotional about it at times.”