As Nolan Ryan remains silent regarding his potential departure from the Texas Rangers, newly-promoted president of baseball operations Jon Daniels said he hopes the Hall of Famer and CEO remains with the organization. The Rangers announced the promotion of Daniels, who has been the club's general manager since 2005, on Friday afternoon. That stripped the president of baseball operations title from Ryan, the legendary pitcher who played a critical role in steering the Rangers out of bankruptcy and to two World Series appearances after returning to the organization as an executive. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported, citing sources, that Ryan is contemplating stepping down from his position and leaving the Rangers by the end of spring training after having his power reduced. "First of all, I don't want him to leave," Daniels said during an appearance on ESPN Dallas 103.3's Fitzsimmons and Durrett Show, acknowledging that he would be bothered by the perception that he pushed Ryan out of the door. "I don't think anybody wants him to leave, and I know I've expressed that to him. In my mind, that [pushing Ryan out] would not be the case. "We've agreed on a lot of things over the years. We've disagreed on a few things. I think that's healthy as a whole. You don't want everyone to agree 100 percent of the time. All in all, I think we have a mutual respect. I talked to him over the weekend. I talked to him every day since this has come about. I don't get any sense that Nolan has any issue with me or concern about that, but I can't really speak for him."