Trust Olli Jokinen to deliver. Ask a question, get an answer. Sometimes the replies are wacky. But most often, he comes across as candid. Confrontational at times. Typically blunt. And when Jokinen does swerve off course? He's trying to make a point, convey a message. Take this recent exchange with the gangly pivot. The topic is the Calgary Flames veteran's relatively robust play in recent weeks, months even. "I think I've proved in the last 40-plus games," he deadpans, "that I can still be an average player in this league." Pause. Looks all around. Shuffling of feet. Olli, you don't really mean "average," do you? You mean good, right? "Well, in your books, probably average." OK, there it is — Jokinen's swipe at the hard-marking critics in the Calgary media.