A year ago, the Bulls were one of the teams Joe Johnson was looking at. ''I thought Chicago was a good fit,'' the Atlanta Hawks' 6-7 shooting guard said Sunday. ''There were a few places I thought were a good fit. I thought this was the best fit for me.'' It's easy to understand why Johnson thought the Hawks' six-year deal reportedly worth $120 million was an offer he couldn't refuse. In light of the Bulls' success this season, he was asked if he ever looked back and wondered how things might have turned out if he'd come to Chicago. ''No,'' Johnson said. Once he made his decision, ''I was stuck with it.'' At home on road The Bulls were excited about having another big contingent of their fans at Philips Arena on Sunday night. And they thanked them for their support. ''Our fan base is very, very good,'' Derrick Rose said. ''We have a lot of fans here. It feels good when you go away and everybody's cheering for you.'' Coach Tom Thibodeau said the Bulls' road backing might even exceed that of his former team, the hallowed Boston Celtics. ''They had a strong following,'' Thibodeau said. ''I don't know if it was like this. It seems like every arena we go into is half ours. We certainly appreciate the support. You see that type of following more in college. It says a lot about our fans. We feel we have great fans.'' It's a function of transplants as well as fans who have made the trip from Chicago, the Hawks believe.