Audible reactions could be heard throughout Marlins Park Tuesday, only they didn't coincide with the action on the field. It was sort of like one of those Japanese movies where the dialogue doesn't sync with the actors' mouths. Several TVs were tuned to the Heat-Pacers playoff game, including some at the Budweiser bar above left-center. Collective cheers or groans reverberated from throngs of spectators gathered to watch the final moments of the playoff game. Fans could safely turn their attention away from the sporting event they were actually attending. For one of the few times this season, the Marlins had a victory in hand early. The Marlins got seven strong innings from Josh Johnson and a five-run fourth inning that broke it open. Tuesday's 6-2 victory brought Johnson his first win and culminated a 3-2 homestand that saw the Marlins split their two-game set against the Pirates.