Before the 2013 season, quarterback Johnny Manziel was dogged by two controversies – an NCAA investigation for selling his autograph to memorabilia dealers and being asked to leave the Manning Family Passing Academy. After a thorough investigation, the NCAA found no evidence that Manziel made money from signing his name. He was suspended for the first half of the opener against Rice for violating a rule that says “student-athletes cannot permit their names or likenesses to be used for commercial purposes, including to advertise, recommend or promote sales of commercial products, or accept payment for the use of their names or likenesses.” In other words, Manziel didn’t stop dealers from profiting. “I was investigated, and I was suspended for a half,” Manziel said this week. “The end result, me being suspended for a half, was something that I didn’t agree with. “At the same time, I felt like I was causing a cloud over what we were trying to accomplish. I had enough trust in my teammates that they could go out a half of football without me and take care of business.” In July, Manziel was asked to leave the Manning Family Passing Academy in Louisiana, where he was a coach and camp counselor during the annual event at Nicholls State. Manziel left a day early because he overslept and missed his assignments. He didn’t deny being out the night before with others from the camp.