Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly received his diploma on Wednesday for completing a court-ordered drug treatment program, according to a report by Chris Roth at WBAY-TV in Green Bay: "I know I've seen a change, and I know your family has seen a change, and we are just so darn proud of you today just for the progress that you've made," the Honorable Denise Bradley is quoted in the WBAY story. "I didn't know if we would see this day happen." The report also said Rob Davis and Alonzo Highsmith both represented the Packers in the courtroom. The Packers renegotiated Jolly's contract to a reasonable $710,000 and kept him on their 80-man off-season roster, proof that they are open to giving him a second chance. After he was reinstated from suspension, the Packers could have cited his $2.51 million salary as a reason to let him go. But Jolly, who missed three seasons due to a suspension for violating the NFL substance abuse program, remains on the roster.