One of our many long international nightmares is finally coming to an end. Maria Guardado reports that Johnny Cueto will make his first start of the season Tuesday night against the Pirates. Cueto has missed the last 13 months with a torn UCL and he had a minor setback last week with back tightness, but he’s back just in time to get the Giants back in the Wild Card hunt.

Okay, maybe he’s back just in time to fill the hollowed-out trunks of our hearts with nuts of shimmying and quick pitches before the winter comes.

Though it would have been rad for Cueto to come riding down the mountainside on one of his many horses to save the Giants’ season, it’s also just a delight to watch him pitch regardless of leverage. Few pitchers are as entertaining as Cueto and when he’s right, few pitchers are as good as him, too.

Cueto’s return to the rotation means that someone will have to have to make an exit. Logan Webb, Dereck Rodríguez, and Tyler Beede are the candidates to be bounced and Rodríguez is the likeliest of them all.