Wizards fans have continued to wonder this season whether John Wall is a franchise player, someone to build around, the centerpiece of a championship-contending team. Now, asking Wall if he is a franchise player is sort of a loaded question. But two outlets recently asked Wall variations of that question, and not surprisingly, his answer was yes. Grantland’s Zach Lowe, for example, asked Wall if he believes he’s a max contract player. “I feel like I am. I do, definitely,” Wall said. And Washingtonian’s Edward G. Robinson III asked Wall about being a franchise player. “Everybody is looking at me like, ‘Well, his first two seasons was the same. Can he be a franchise savior?’ ” Wall said. “I see it on ESPN all the time. ‘Is he a franchise player? Would you trust him with your team?’ I know I would trust myself with this team.” Still, the best quote from either piece came when Lowe asked Wall if the right elbow is his sweet spot. “Everywhere is my sweet spot,” he replied. “But right now, the right elbow is my best elbow.”