The Washington Wizards have won six of their last nine games since franchise point guard John Wallreturned to the lineup. In that short span of time the team has gone from being a laughingstock with the NBA's worst record to an up-tempo, defense-first unit that is beginning to draw respect around the league. There are a number of players, most notably Bradley Beal and Nene, who deserve credit for the team's recent turnaround. However, the returning Wall has been the driving force behind the team's surge. And the rest of the league is starting to talk. Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Luke Ridnour played against Wall for much of Washington's blowout victory. Wall had a transformative effect on Washington's offense on the way to 14 points and five assists in only 21 minutes of playing time. Asked to describe the changes in Wall's game, "He's gotten better this year at getting in (the paint) and finding people." Wall did this time and time again as he led the NBA's worst offense on a per possession basis to 114 points in the team's win over Minnesota.