There is little, if anything, that John Tortorella does without purpose. What can seem to be an off-the-cuff comment often has been thought out, if not rehearsed. Remember the "shut yer yap" command to then-Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock when Tortorella's Lightning faced Philadelphia in the 2004 Eastern Conference final en route to that franchise's only Stanley Cup? The story around the NHL is that Tortorella walked into that news conference knowing he would say something of that ilk, regardless of the questioning. So when Tortorella on Saturday said of Rangers left wing Carl Hagelin, "He stinks on the power play," repeating the "stink" description six more times, it probably was not the flippant comment it seemed at the time. More likely, knowing the comment quickly would get back to the speedy Hagelin, who has just one power-play goal and no power-play assists in 112 regular-season games with the Rangers, it was meant to motivate. Tortorella said he wasn't trying to be a smart aleck by saying Hagelin "stinks," and said it in an easygoing way that had some media members chuckling. Hagelin, asked about it Monday, certainly didn't seem amused, adding he didn't pay much attention to the comment. "For me, I definitely don't think I stink on the power play," Hagelin said. "That's the only comment I have on the PP."