A few more items from Newsday’s conversation with John Tavares on Wednesday, plus a note about Islanders 2012 draft pick Doyle Somerby: — Tavares gave some detail on the thumb surgery he had in April. “It’s something I’ve had for a few years,” Tavares said. “I kind of did it, aggravated it the first time training a few years ago. It was never really that bad but something I always kept an eye on. Then I hurt it in Boston in January, I fell on it awkwardly late in the game and because of the previous time that I’d hurt it, it was a little bit weak and I tore a ligament in my thumb. I had to wear a brace the rest of the season. For only 2-3 weeks it was really annoying and then, with some good treatment and staying on top of it, I was able to do everything I could normally do on the ice. It didn’t hinder me in any way. “After the season it was determining whether the surgery was necessary or whether it would heal on its own. I felt I didn’t want this reoccurring and the recovery time was only six weeks, so it was the right thing to do once the season ended.” Tavares had 12 goals and 22 assists in the 35 games after he tore his thumb ligament last season. He said that the thumb and his partially torn hamstring are fully healed and he’s been on schedule for all his offseason work.