With NHL commissioner Gary Bettman laying out a 24-team return-to-play plan earlier this week and the possibility of beginning to open practice facilities for small group workouts as earlier as new week as part of Phase 2, Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares says his team is starting to get excited for what the future might hold.

"I think guys are excited about getting back on the ice and getting back together. There’s still a few more hurdles with the quarantine, travel restrictions and some of those rules. Guys are still trying to figure out their plans and get a better sense of what’s coming down the road," Tavares told TSN's Gino Reda in a recent interview. "So, as days and the next couple weeks go by there can only be more clarity and once we get the ball rolling, hopefully things keep on progressing positively."

Tavares, who was key member of Return To Play committee, says a key issue going forward is how much time players will need to get back into shape before the possible resumption of games later this summer. Phase 2 is for individual and small group workouts with Phase 3 being a full training camp.