The coveted position of Toronto Maple Leafs captain remains open and John Tavares is well aware of the weight it carries.

Since Tavares signed a seven-year deal with the Maple Leafs in July 2018, he’s been considered a prime candidate to wear the ‘C’ and represent the Stanley Cup ambitions this iteration of the team holds.

Tavares spoke about what the captaincy would mean to him and how he would try to be relatively unaffected by the additional accountability.

“You just don’t take something like that for granted,” Tavares said to Sportsnet’s Luke Fox. “There’s only so many in the league, and certainly for a franchise here like the Maple Leafs with its history and tradition, I don’t want to look at things differently just because you’re given a responsibility. You’re given that responsibility because of who you are and the way you’ve carried yourself to that point.

“You don’t let something like that change you. You want to be yourself, go out and play your game, do what you do. I know we’re gonna have a great one, whoever it is. I’ll support whoever it is.”

Prior to joining the Maple Leafs, Tavares was the captain of the New York Islanders for five seasons and served as the face of the franchise. Tavares said that he learned that leadership comes in several forms, and relying on your teammates is still an integral function of being a good captain.