Curious why your left eye keeps twitching? Why your forehead’s a cold-sweat mess, you can hear your heart pulse like it’s tethered to your Beats by Dre, and you feel an urge to grasp something stable so you don’t faint? The cause of your symptoms is simple and frightening. You are a New York Islanders fan, and John Tavares is not nearly as anxious to re-sign with your team as you’d like. During a phone call with Newsday‘s Arthur Staple Wednesday, the most coveted potential unrestricted free agent in more than a decade said he’s in “no rush” to sign an eight-year contract so rich that it should catapult his cap hit ($5.5 million, tied for the 100th most in the NHL) into the league’s top five or maybe, with Connor McDavid upping the ante, the top two. (Anze Kopitar got $10 million per; Leon Draisaitl just got $8.5 million. Anything less than $10 million times eight for Tavares is now looking like a bargain for the Isles.) The star player — if you take him at his forever plainspoken word — may be able to compartmentalize. Tavares says he’ll focus on playing, on trying to haul his bubble team through the sport’s most talent-blessed division and into the post-season and, ultimately, sip from Phil Kessel’s portable hot dog stand. But us media types and us fan types, well, we’ll be wondering about the business side of things, which, contrary to athlete cliché, doesn’t just take care of itself. “In terms of signing a new contract, there’s a lot that goes into it. To really dive into all the details, get into all the conversations I’ve had with Garth [Snow], the team and Doug [Weight], I don’t think it’s productive to the situation and the negotiating,” Tavares told Staple this week. “It’s only a distraction if you let it become a distraction.” The way Tavares has tweaked his tune when talking contract over the past 365 days spells a long, nerve-wracked winter for Islanders fans. Here are some quotes: Aug. 15, 2016: “I don’t really have any reason to leave and I think we have a great makeup and a team that can do something special…. I’ve always expressed my love for playing for Long Island. It’s where I started; it’s all I know in the NHL. The opportunity they’ve given me, I would love to see it all the way through and win a Stanley Cup.” Jan. 28, 2017: “I’ve always stated how much I enjoy playing on Long Island and the organization, how well they’ve supported me. … I’m excited about where the Islanders are headed and hopefully we can work something out…. The vision and future of the team, I believe, is in good hands.” April 10, 2017: “At the end of the day, I want to win a Stanley Cup. I think everyone here is committed to doing that. Hopefully we can work something out and I’m here.” Aug. 16, 2017: “For me, there’s really no rush…. I’m trying to determine things, let the process run its course, keep the lines of communication open, keep it all internal and it’s been good so far.”