The 49ers slogan this year has been "Brick By Brick," and their 1-9 season has shown so far that there are a lot more bricks the team needs to find before what it's trying to build be complete. But there are areas where the 49ers' brass likes what they have, with one of them being offensive tackle. Joe Staley and Trent Brown have been holding down the starting spots at tackle for the past two seasons, and they've impressed 49ers general manager John Lynch enough this season to think they're part of the answer on the offensive line. The five-time Pro Bowl left tackle Staley in particular has caught Lynch's attention this season. “We love Joe Staley and love the way he plays. We think he’s a really good scheme fit for the offense we play in," Lynch said this week, per "Joe can play in any offense. We feel like it’s an ideal fit. I think as you’re around these guys, we’re constantly evaluating.” It's not surprising Lynch would be impressed by a player of Staley's ability, but Staley also showed his toughness and desire this season when he made his way back onto the field just two weeks after suffering an orbital fracture. There wasn't any consideration on Staley's part to give himself extra rest given the fact the 49ers aren't in playoff contention.