Nick Bosa suggested he made adjustments to his activity on social media because some of his personal views are in conflict with the majority of the Bay Area.

But are Bosa’s opinions really an issue for the 49ers, who hold the No. 2 overall pick?

General manager John Lynch said on Monday the 49ers consider everything with every draft prospect. Although he did not get into specifics with Bosa, Lynch intimated that he does not foresee any issues arising from the views Bosa expressed on his Twitter account.

“I think that he’s a great teammate,” Lynch said of the former Ohio State defensive end. “I’m not going to get too far because a lot can happen at (No. 1). He can go one. In general, we spend a lot of time vetting these guys and everything about them. You put something into all of it.”

The Arizona Cardinals hold the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and have long been speculated to like Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. But Bosa and Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams are also possibilities to be chosen No. 1 overall.

Lynch said the team will consider everything when evaluating a draft prospect.