Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has found himself in the familiar, unenviable position of defending an offensive coordinator. Baltimore is currently 29th in yards, 31st in passing yards and 29th in passing touchdowns. Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has been in his current role since October of last year when the team fired then-coordinator Marc Trestman. "The players are in it together, the coaches are in it together, we're fighting together to try to do it, so I think anytime you try to pin the blame on any one person in a team sport like this, that's always going to be a mistake," Harbaugh said Monday, via the Ravens' official site. "I mean, that's nonsensical. It just doesn't work that way. But I understand. That's how it works. So we all understand that." Harbaugh makes a good point, though the Ravens have twice dismissed offensive coordinators in season while Harbaugh was head coach. Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron back in December of 2012, replacing him with Jim Caldwell en route to a Super Bowl victory. Trestman was fired after the offense came under intense scrutiny last year.