You have a friend, someone in your family, or maybe Kim Kardashian is your only reference point, but you know a couple that thought they were in love, then got married and before too long they quickly realized what a mismatch they were. They split up, they did it early — nice and neat, no kids, good lawyers, still polite in each other’s company — and they moved on, each much, much happier with their new partners. That was John Farrell with the Blue Jays, this is John Farrell with the Red Sox. Still, because the pesky schedule-makers continue to pit the Sox against the Blue Jays, Farrell and the Blue Jays are going to keep bumping into each other. And when they do, some still just can’t get past the awkwardness. “You suck, Farrell!’’ was a postgame kiss blown by one adoring fan after the Red Sox came back to Farrell’s two-year stomping grounds and beat Toronto, 4-2, yesterday. Farrell did not bat an eye, but ended his media session with “I gotta go meet up with my buddy who stopped by to yell at me.”