Browns GM John Dorsey thinks Baker Mayfield gets a bad rap on the character front, but other NFL personnel executives at the Senior Bowl still see too much Johnny Manziel in him. "Are there character concerns about him?'' Dorsey asked and another local media outlet during Thursday's final practice session. "You guys create a narrative that you try to portray him as one.'' Reminded that the Heisman Trophy winner was arrested last summer for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and fleeing and resisting arrest, Dorsey defended him. "Every young man will make a mistake in his life, I bet you,'' he said. "And I think he's very remorseful of that mistake and I think he's moved forward from that, and he's trying to make himself a better person, going through the process.'' Dorsey has talked to others in league circles who know the Oklahoma product and has received good reviews. He also attended the Kansas game this season, the one in which Mayfield taunted the opposing fans by grabbing his crotch, but doesn't see that as a deal breaker. Mayfield came to the Senior Bowl to prove to NFL types that he's not Manziel, and lamented the "bad boy'' portrayal. But Dorsey hasn't really seen that firsthand, and views Mayfield is a competitor who's in the discussion for the Browns at No. 1 overall, along with USC's Sam Darnold, UCLA's Josh Rosen and Wyoming's Josh Allen, who was also at the Senior Bowl.