Kentucky coach John Calipari is a man of solutions. Addressing the FBI investigation that cost Rick Pitino his job at Louisville, Calipari said college basketball should take a page from college baseball's playbook. As part of the ongoing federal investigation that began in 2015, four NCAA assistant coaches were indicted by federal authorities last week in a fraud and corruption scheme that alleged numerous instances of bribes to athletes. Federal prosecutors referred to the findings as “the dark underbelly of college athletics.” Calipari thinks much of the corruption can be eliminated by allowing players to hire an agent — before and after receiving an NCAA scholarship, so long as they are likely to be drafted in the NBA or make money professionally. The NCAA permits high school baseball players drafted in the MLB amateur draft to hire agents to negotiate professional contracts — without sacrificing college eligibility if they fail to finalize a contract with a team. "Players should be allowed representation just like they have in baseball," Calipari told FanRag Sports. "They don't need a new model because there's already a model in place. That's what they do in baseball." That model, in Calipari's eyes, would alleviate the middle men — six of whom were indicted by federal authorities last week.