Kentucky coach John Calipari said Monday he'd be fine if the NBA changed their rules to allow high school players to go directly to the NBA as long as the league was prepared to pay them them fairly and give them time to develop. Calipari, speaking on the SEC coaches' summer teleconference, said he's in favor of the "baseball rule," referring to Major League Baseball's rules that allow a player from high school to go to the pros or go to college and then not be eligible to be drafted until after their junior season. "I'm good with the baseball rule. As long as they're going directly to the NBA, they're paying them what they deserve to be paid and then it's on them to look after these kids and give them a gap year if they think they can do that in the NBA," he said. Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, appearing on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike last week, also said he'd be in favor of a rule that mirrors that of baseball. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said during the NBA Finals that the "one-and-done" rule was "not working for anyone" in either the professional or college ranks and that "we all agree that we need to make a change." He said the NBA favors raising the age to 20, while the union wants to lower the minimum age to 18. Calipari said that if the NBA were to lower the minimum age requirement from 19, it needs to consider how it will affect the players who bypass college. He said he was wary at first that raising the age limit was going to "lock out a whole group of kids" but it has had the opposite effect.