On Thursday, Duke and Coach Mike Krzyzewski announced an unprecedented move by canceling the remaining nonconference portion of their upcoming schedule to allow players to go home for Christmas. But not every coach in college hoops agrees with the move or plans to follow suit, despite Duke's announced intentions that it was a decision rooted in player safety.

Alabama coach Nate Oats, for instance, questioned the sincerity of Krzyzewski's intentions on Thursday. 

And Kentucky coach John Calipari on Friday went a different route in responding, saying that he felt the safest thing was to not allow players to go back home given the state of the pandemic.

"Home for Christmas is a hard one this year," Calipari said. "Every year that I've coached, I give my kids 4-5 days for Christmas. I need the break with my staff, my family. Well, I want to be with my kids at Christmas. So I gave them time off. Well guess what? My wife and I are going to do Christmas by ourselves with our team."

Logistically, Calipari argued, the hurdles of clearing quarantine and returning to play after players go home for Christmas is a problem. It's in part why, he says, his kids aren't coming in for Christmas this year.