Former Falcons defensive end John Abraham, still sporting Falcons gear, went on the NFL Total Access show on the NFL Network on Friday. Courtesy of the folks over at The Network, here are some excerpts from the interview with Scott Hanson: ON BEING RELEASED: “The first reaction is, you are probably not the happiest person in life but they did respect me enough to call me a day before, so I actually knew yesterday. Everyone else was kind of amazed, but I had time to get over it. I am still repping Atlanta, I still love the Falcons. I have so much love here and family life, so it is good to be respected.” ON IF HE WAS ANGRY ABOUT BEING RELEASED: “I can’t be angry because it was a business move and not a personal move. Mike Smith called me as a man, Thomas Dimitroffcalled me, Arthur Blank. It is not like they let me go and didn’t speak to me anymore. I think they handled it the right way. Sure it is going to hurt not being with my teammates and my friends. I got a text from… a lot of my teammates and it felt good to know I was still loved here. You see what I have on, so I still have to represent until I go somewhere else.” - See more at: