Johan Santana, sitting in front of his locker at Tradition Field, had been speaking about the recent drama involving himself and the Mets for about five minutes when Jeff Wilpon came by and offered his hand. “I’m getting old,” the lefty said on his 34th birthday. “No you’re not,” Wilpon answered, smiling. And that was the theme at Mets camp on Wednesday: All conflicts between Santana and the Mets are resolved, and everyone is friendly again. Whether that is true on the deepest levels, the mood had clearly changed in the clubhouse. Santana, addressing at length for the first time Sandy Alderson’s March 2 claim that it was “self-evident” the one-time ace did not arrive in Port St. Lucie in “pitching shape,” was ready to move past the angry phase. “Yeah, we talked,” Santana said of himself and Alderson. “Everything was fine. We had meetings and stuff, and we were on the same page. As long as we’re on the same page, I’m fine. I’m not going to get into details about what we talked (about).”