A lot of reflection, travel, and good living has given Joffrey Lupul time and a fresh perspective on what many viewed as a forced retirement from the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2017. After playing 280 career games with Toronto from 2011-16, Lupul went on long-term injured reserve to end his career. It was in the fall of 2017 that Lupul was edged out from the club, and his parting words cut deep.

He accused the organization of “cheating” on players’ physicals, which he had just failed. He quickly apologized for the comments, explaining how difficult it was not being healthy enough to compete, and that he’d hope to be back on the ice one day.

This was Lupul’s last post on Twitter, and it’s almost been two years since he’s done much in the public eye. On Wednesday, he joined fellow retired NHL players Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette on their Spittin’ Chiclets podcast. The interview covers a lot of Lupul’s off-ice exploits — which I’ll skip over in order to continue to be employed here but nonetheless, are very entertaining for your own listening pleasure.

In regards to the end of his hockey career with Toronto, time and self-reflection have given the former all-star a different perspective. Lupul admitted he lacked confidence in his own ability to stay in the lineup with his injuries and subsequently shared his mentality nearing the end of his career.