Joey Votto still bangs — but his comments on Wednesday may be louder than any home run he's hit in recent weeks.

The typically quiet (and, by his own admission, "boring") Votto made waves Wednesday morning during an appearance on "The Dan Patrick Show," seemingly peeling back more of the cheating curtain in MLB.

When asked whether baseball fans should stop booing the Astros for their sign-stealing in 2017, Votto provided a fairly blunt answer:

"Yeah, yeah, there's no question about it," Votto said. "The idea that they (the Astros) were the only one doing something wrong just baffles me."

Votto said while things such as deciphering a pitcher's tell is totally in bounds (and it is), elaborate cheating scandals are far beyond the rules, and that he's even been offered the chance to gain a seemingly unfair advantage while in the batter's box.