Joel Peralta has had a long relationship with Rays manager Joe Maddon going back to the early 2000's while they were both in the Los Angeles Angels organization. From all external actions he seems happy and likes playing for the Rays. So when his opportunity came to hit the free agent market and he chose to sign early (mid-November) and remain with the Rays it wasn't a surprise when he was quoted in a Dominican Newspaper as saying "Some teams offered a little bit more money, but I got what I thought I was worth and I was happy with it - I didn't want to go anywhere else." We hear this same type of commentary from many free agents who elect to re-sign with their current team but Peralta went a step further by signing a contract that includes guaranteed $3M for 2013 and 2014 as well as 3 club option years for 2015-2017 at $2.5M per season and not one of the option years includes a buyout. In other words, he is willing to pitch for the Rays as long as the Rays want him to pitch for them.